Growing Your Latina-Owned Business

Business consulting for Latinas and women of color by one of your own.


Jenavi Kasper CEO of La Jefa StatusIt's in my heart to serve and to help you create generational wealth. Learn more about me and why you should consider thinking about getting a professional Latina in your corner to help you reach all your untapped potential.



First of all, why should I consider hiring a business consultant? 
You, Latina business owner, deserve to make money that sustains generations. You deserve to make at least as much money as the average white guy and right now we aren’t even close.

If this feels uncomfortable to you, that’s okay. It might be a hard thing to believe about yourself but I PROMISE you it is TRUTH.  Whether you know it or not, you have been conditioned to believe that you should just be happy with what you have, you shouldn’t flaunt your success, you shouldn’t be greedy, and as a woman, you have an obligation to care for others first. Why? Because the existing power structure of our society is not built for us. It’s threatened by our potential. When you doubt yourself, it’s not because you are not confident, it’s because our society has engineered your experiences to make you think you are not confident. 
A coach can help you create a plan to achieve the goals of your business, but most coaches can’t acknowledge the external factors that have kept you from achieving those goals in the first place because they simply haven't lived it.

What is holding you back is not lack of confidence. It’s not lack of education. It’s not lack of potential. You need someone on your team to help you navigate the path towards the goals in your business who understands what it feels like to be the only minority or the only woman in the room. You need someone who knows what it feels like to be underestimated. You need someone who is on fire with passion to help Latinas and women of color make more money. That’s me :)

We are so used to putting everyone else first. We are so used to not spending too much money on ourselves. We are used to taking care of everyone else first. Entrepreneurship is hard and nothing else in our lives change just because we become business owners. We still end up with all the same responsibilities. It can be a hard and lonely road. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to help take care of you for a change?

Consulting Options

 Office Hours 

55 minutes of 1:1 time to discuss any questions that may come up with the implementation of your custom plan. 

1 Hour Marketing Overview 

In this 55 minute meeting, I will review all of your marketing and branding, and give you the top 3 changes you need to make to increase sales. 

Full Marketing Plan

Get a fully customized marketing plan to help you achieve your sales goals. 

Setting Up Your Business Foundations

Starting a business can feel overwhelming -- you want to start the right way, but you'd like some help to know exactly what you need to do to get started. This consulting package will give you a customized checklist of everything you need to do to hit your first sales goal. 

3 Months to Exploding Your Growth

Custom consulting package to take your successful business to the next level. We develop a specific and comprehensive plan to grow your business, whether that's launching a new product, service, or going into a new market, or expanding into a new location -- this package will give you all the support you need to reach your goal. This is only for Jefas committed to taking their business to the next level. It will be scary, it will be hard and it will feel overwhelming at times, but that's a part of what it means to do this work. There are easier ways to make money, but not many that are more rewarding. 


Frequently Asked Questions

But my business is too small. It's just a side hustle. 
This is a classic example of how we have been conditioned to stay small minded and not acknowledge or embrace our true potential.

Consider this:

In 2019, Latina-owned businesses earned an average revenue of $50,900 vs. $142,900 among all women-owned businesses. 

It’s easy to believe when there are so few examples of brown women making bank as their own CEOs. It’s easy to post an inspirational quote on Instagram, but it’s quite an other to feel confident in charging what you know your products and services are actually worth. Every business that solves a pain point for someone and is pursued with true passion can be wildly successful. Latinas are just as smart, driven, creative and just as hard working as any other women (or man).
As long as we keep thinking small, that’s the only result we will get. You have so much potential. I know because I am you.

For Latinas and women of color, it just takes an experienced amiga that connects with you and shares your life experience to help you see your potential, then help you build a plan to achieve it. There to give you insights, advice and feedback every step of the way.

This all sounds great but also very intimidating. I've never done anything like this before.

New things are scary and intimidating sometimes. No matter how much detail I give here, you’ll probably still be a little apprehensive. I would feel unsure too!
That’s why I want to assure you this is a totally chill experience. What is most important to me is finding out if/how I can be of service to you. To be honest, I have a really great day job. Coaching is a new venture for me, even though I’ve been doing it in my corporate career in one way or another for over 15 years, translating that experience to direct one-on-one coaching is a new process. My motivation to do this comes from the fact that I have learned how to make a good living for myself but I meet women all the time who don’t see that same potential for themselves. 

Latinas are the lowest paid people — whether they work for someone else or have their own business. 


We deserve more. We deserve better. I’m going to do my part, and I’m going to make a profit, because we Latinas deserve it.

How does consulting even work?
It works how you need it to! We’ll sit down and talk about what you are doing know and what your goals are. If you don’t have specific goals yet, that’s okay! We can figure it out together. 

Isn't there a lot of information for free on the internet?
Oh yes, there is. But who has the time? And how do you know what you believe? This is part of the value of having a consultant — if I don’t know the answer or I can’t help you solve your problem, I definitely know a professional I can reach out to for help. Success in business is not just about the knowledge, it’s about being in the right network. 

What makes your consulting different? Are you even qualified? 
Well, here is the truth about business coaches and consultants – anyone can call themselves a coach or consultant. There are some good ones, some bad ones, some coaches that are just okay, and some that are totally unqualified. Some coaches have specialized training, and some don’t. So how do you know who has the goods?

I've been working with small businesses for over 15 years, in marketing agencies and in the banking industry. I have hired, fired and managed small and large teams and have learned how to be successful in the corporate world with the odds stacked against me as a Latina. Let me put it this way, my entire career has been spent working with small business owners, helping them to achieve their goals and more. I can do a deep dive when we chat. 

What if I'm a little embarrassed about what I don't know? I’m not ready to show anyone the real behind-the-scenes.
OMG, girl. This is a no judgement experience! Of course there’s stuff to learn, that’s what I’m here to help you with. We all start at the beginning. Be proud of what it took to get you to this point and celebrate! I will celebrate with you and help you kick it up another notch! This is not about focusing on what you haven't done, this is about building upon all the hard work, ingenuity, passion and courage you've invested in yourself and your business. 

Okay, this sounds great but I can't afford it.
First of all, you don’t even know how much I charge! Really, there’s only one thing you need to think about when it comes to deciding how to spend money — how will it serve you? What do you want out of life? What decisions do you need to make to get yourself there?

Um, business consulting just for Latinas and Women of Color is racist!
Boo, if that’s how you feel you are on the wrong website. For the record, I’m here to serve all marginalized people, womxn, people of color, LGBTQIA+, differently abled — everyone. But Latinas are the least paid people and that’s why I am starting where I am. If anyone else wants to jump on because they are passionate about closing the pay gap, then I am here for it. 

But if you think helping those who have suffered the most is racist, then this ain’t the place for you. Best of luck to you, dear.