Why La Jefa Status?

Latinas aren't getting fair chance to achieve their dreams.

You may not know it, but you have lived a lifetime with limiting beliefs. 

At work, as a business owner, and as a caretaker, Latinas take on so much responsibility, all while being told to be quiet and be grateful. There are forces that have existed since the dawn of time that have conspired to keep women of color from achieving their potential. 

Internalized oppression, the cultural influences of a patriarchal society and the burden of responsibility to achieve more than our parents has made Latinas feel like they have to take care of everyone and everything leading us to strive for comfort and stability rather than the big dreams and goals that would give us ultimate fulfillment. 

We say, enough is enough. You only have one life to live, why not live it in abundance? 

I'm Jenavi, the founder of La Jefa Status. After nearly 20 years of success as a marketing and strategy professional, I have dedicated my existence to empowering women of color to manifest their wildest dreams and claim their space in the world.   

Through professional mentorship, online and in-person classes, La Jefa Status trains and empowers Latinas and women of color to grow their businesses in supportive and enthusiastic community with all the best education brought to you by professionals with real world experience.

We are Latinas, walking hand-in-hand, busting down doors, taking what is owed, and making room for more Latinas and women of color along the way.